Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Cliff Kincaid, the uber-nut head of Accuracy in Media, is defending the Ugandan anti-gay law yet again against the “loud-mouthed homosexual lobby.” Yeah, those uppity gays – thinking they shouldn’t be murdered for being gay. And he’s quoting from one of the leading voices in Uganda calling for the murder and imprisonment of gay people.

A leading pro-family activist in Uganda says that Christians in that East African
country need help resisting the schemes of the international homosexual lobby. Charles Tuhaise tells AIM that he is also disturbed by the general silence of conservatives in the U.S. to stand up for Uganda and its emerging Christian culture.

Yeah, stand up for their “emerging Christian culture.” That’s what it’s all about. It’s not about them wanting to destroy the lives of gay people, it’s about their “emerging Christian culture.” And you conservatives should be ashamed of yourselves for not backing them up on it!

“Many Ugandans are shocked at the reaction to this bill and the extent to which homosexual activists can intimidate everyone to silence,” Tuhaise said.

Yes, that’s exactly right. Homosexual activists have intimidated everyone into not wanting to murder them for being homosexual.

Tuhaise is chairman of the board of Agape Community Transformation (ACT), a Christian organization dedicated to improving the spiritual, physical, economic and societal conditions of their communities.

Except for the gay people in those communities. They’re going to improve their spiritual and physical conditions by murdering them in the name of God. Positively Orwellian, isn’t it?

“I am a Ugandan and I’m writing to thank you for your bravery,” Tuhaise said in his message to AIM. “The articles you’ve written in support of the right of Ugandans to exercise self-determination on the issue of homosexuality have thrown fresh light on the American scene [and show] that not every American is scared of the loud-mouthed homosexual lobby.”

Ah yes, the ridiculous old argument that groups of people have “self-determination” to violate the rights of individuals. They reject the notion that individuals have any right to self-determination, the only level on which any such right could possibly exist, but endorse a collective right to kill anyone they don’t like. Welcome to crazy town.

Showing disdain for Uganda’s sovereign right to chart its own course in domestic and foreign affairs, the “gay rights” lobby has mounted an aggressive strategy to undermine the government of Uganda and threaten the cut-off of foreign aid if the anti-homosexuality bill in Uganda is passed.

Gee, how do you think Kincaid feels about the “sovereign right to chart its own course in domestic and foreign affairs” when it comes to, say, Iran allowing honor killings? Wanna guess whether he was defending the “sovereign right to chart its own course in domestic and foreign affairs” when we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq?

Ah, but such rhetoric is only used for convenience. When he agrees with what another country is doing, as he does here, it’s all about their sovereign rights; such sovereign rights end when another country does something he doesn’t like.