Dispatches from the Creation Wars

They’re Just Getting To This?

It’s 2010 and the NYPD is finally going to consider videotaping police interrogations:

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says his department will start videotaping police interrogations in two precincts as a pilot project this year.

Rebecca Brown with the Innocence Project, a public policy group that works to exonerate the wrongfully convicted, says a survey of 238 jurisdictions that videotape interrogations found law enforcement officers prefer it.

“They find that these are airtight confessions that they can use in court,” she says. “Nobody will question them. It prevents disputes about how officers conducted themselves. It creates a record of statements made by the suspect. It permits officers to concentrate on the interview rather than being distracted by the note taking.”

Seriously, they’re just now getting around to this? This should be mandatory nationwide, for crying out loud, and it should have been made mandatory decades ago. And get a load of this guy:

But the President of the Detectives Endowment Association vehemently opposes videotaping interrogations. Mike Palladino says it would offer criminals insights into police interview techniques and could prejudice juries against the prosecution.

They’re not going to post the videos on Youtube, you dolt. They need to be available when a question is raised on the legitimacy of a confession or the propriety of police behavior, in which case they would get viewed in court or by internal affairs if they are relevant.