Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Dumbass Quote of the Day

From William Kelly, the candidate for Illinois comptroller who is suing over an atheist sign put up in the state capitol next to a nativity scene:

“I believe that the result of this lawsuit is going to prevent these atheists from abusing these nativity scenes every year because really, that statement wasn’t contributing anything to the nativity scene,” he contends. “It was really just a form of hate speech.”

The sign is not intended to “contribute anything” to the nativity scene. The Festivus pole that was on display didn’t contribute anything to it either. Each display is the expression of a different group of citizens.

Kelly feels that laws barring hate speech ought to apply to those who belittle people of faith, and he believes that, in an era of people demanding rights and special rights often contrary to traditional values, Christians should become activists and stand for their faith.

Uh….what laws barring hate speech? There are no such laws in this country. There are some universities that have administrative rules against them, and those rules have been struck down numerous times in court. But there are no such laws, nor should there be, nor is there ever likely to be (thank you, James Madison). And even if there were, criticizing your religion is not hate speech. Only an idiot would think otherwise.