Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Liz Cheney: Worse Than Her Father

Yes, Liz Cheney may actually more vile and appalling than her father at this point. Take a look at this incredibly slanderous and disgusting video her organization, Keep America Safe, has put out targeting DOJ attorneys who have defended detainees held at Guantanamo Bay — many of them innocent, of course, but that doesn’t matter to Cheney one bit.

Notice the McCarthyite tactic of calling them the “Al Qaeda 7” – as if these attorneys were actually members of Al Qaeda. Hey Liz, you repulsive demagogue, I’ve got a question for you. Would you say the same thing to the fine men and women of the JAG corps who have represented all of the detainees at Gitmo and done so professionally and with distinction?

Would you say that about Col. Stephen Abraham, a highly decorated military intelligence officer and JAG lawyer who quit his job at the Gitmo tribunals after seeing how many men were being held there based on virtually non-existent evidence? Or how about Lt. Col. Darrel Vandeveld, a Gitmo prosecutor and JAG officer who resigned his commission in protest of the total lack of due process in those tribunals and the railroading of innocent people?

They aren’t alone. Col. Morris Davis, Maj. John Carr, and Maj. Robert Preston were all JAG attorneys assigned to prosecute detainees held at Gitmo. All of them resigned in protest and blew the whistle on the manifest unfairness and star chamber nature of the proceedings. Would you dare call these men the Al Qaeda 5? Hell, I bet you would. Which only reinforces how plainly un-American you really are.

One of the targets here is Deputy Solicitor General Neal Katyal, who represented Salim Ahmed Hamdan in the case that overturned the Gitmo tribunals as violating the Geneva conventions and upheld the habeas corpus rights of those detainees. His co-counself in that case was Lt. Commander Charles Swift, yet another JAG attorney who was assigned to defend Gitmo detainees. Is he a terror-loving traitor too, Liz?

Those men fought for a bare minimum of legal rights for the detainees at Gitmo, something even the Supreme Court agrees it is our responsibility to give them both under the Constitution and our treaty obligations. And your pathetic demagoguery to paint them as traitors only reflects on the intrinsically un-American nature of your position.