Dispatches from the Creation Wars

The Worldnutdaily has its typically hysterical — as in fomenting hysteria, not as in funny — “exclusive” story about how Obama is planning to steal the next election. Unsurprisingly, it’s just a stewpot full of paranoia, unsubstantiated rumors and fanciful projections.

As Barack Obama’s approval ratings continue to plummet, the tea party movement explodes and Democrats lose election after election – even in Massachusetts – one giant question looms large for Team Obama: How to stay in power?

Actually, Obama’s approval ratings have been on the rise for several weeks now. And losing election after election? Where do they get this stuff from. There have been two special elections so far since 2008, one in New York to replace Gillabrand and one in Massachusetts to replace Kennedy. The score is 1/1.

And as for the tea party movement exploding, that’s exactly what happened in the New York race — the hard right candidate split the vote with the mainstream Republican candidate and the Democrat ended up winning. That may well play itself out all over the country if the Republicans can’t talk the tea partiers out of running their own candidates.

“The people currently running the show in Washington,” said Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian, “come from the radical leftist world of Saul Alinsky in which everything they do – no matter how unethical, corrupt and flat-out illegal – is morally justified if it advances their agenda. Winning votes and elections by any means possible is their stock in trade.”

Really? Should we examine the track record of criminal and civil cases involving voter fraud vs those involving illegal voter purges by Republicans? The Republican party has lost multiple federal court cases involving illegal voter purges or voter caging. In Michigan alone, our Republican Secretary of State has lost at least three of those cases in the last seven years.

The Republican National Committee lost a lawsuit over voter caging in 1981 and it ended with a consent decree in which the RNC promised not to practice caging again. That case has had to be reopened several times because they’ve continued to violate the decree several times (including last year here in Michigan).

Now let’s contrast that with the legal history of voter fraud, which is nearly non-existent. Yes, there is plenty of voter registration fraud, which is the result of canvassers trying to make money without doing the work so they make up fake names or copy names out of the phone book. When they do so, they are turned in to the authorities.

But there is no causal connection between voter registration fraud and voter fraud. I spoke with a county elections official here in Michigan earlier this week and he said sure, a certain percentage of voter registration is always bad — false information, unreadable, incomplete, etc — but that they’ve never had a single case of voter impersonation or illegal voting. Ever. And this is one of the largest counties in Michigan.

So much for this huge threat of voter fraud.

Universal voter registration: Now being secretly prepared by at least two prominent members of Congress, this is essentially a scheme to legalize voter fraud by shifting responsibility for registering to vote from the citizen to the government, meaning people are automatically registered to vote, based on DMV records, income-tax returns, welfare rolls, unemployment lists and other government databases.

Secretly prepared? Are they going to secretly pass it too? There are advocates of universal voter registration (I am not one of them) and there always have been. This is hardly evidence that anyone is going to steal any election. This is classic politics. The Democrats always want to increase voter turnout and the Republicans always want to decrease it. Welcome to reality.

Amnesty: Disguised once again by euphemisms like “comprehensive immigration reform,” amnesty will create millions of new Democrat voters.

Except that no one is actually proposing amnesty. I’m all for it myself and it has nothing to do with who anyone is going to vote for. But a general amnesty for illegal aliens is extremely unlikely in this country and the Democrats have done nothing at all to make it happen since taking power.

Planting operatives in America’s statehouses: A subversive, Soros-backed group called the Secretary of State Project is gearing up to steal the 2012 election for Obama and congressional Democrats by installing left-wing Democrats as secretaries of state across the nation, from which posts they can help tilt the electoral playing field.

Wow, you mean rich Democrats are trying to get Democrats elected? How shocking. I bet rich Republicans are trying to get Republicans elected too. Welcome to the real world; wear a helmet. Maybe — just maybe — getting rid of the Republican Secretaries of State will help eliminate all the illegal voter purges they routinely do.