Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Predicting the (Near) Future

Jonathan Bernstein makes an undoubtedly accurate prediction:

Well, as I’ve said, the main thing to expect is that Republicans will campaign against the health care system. As they did with the economy from January 20, 2009 on, they will attribute every insurance premium hike, every medical error and every bureaucratic nightmare with insurance forms to the new law, beginning as soon after passage as they can. Really — someone gets a cough, and Fox News will run an hour-long special about how Obamacare caused it, complete with Beck’s sobbing analysis of how the Progressives caused the Great Influenza and Sarah Palin’s cutesy gibes at the liberalmedia for ignoring this critical story and picking on her (kids, wardrobe, diction, whatever).

There’s no way in hell that’s not true.