Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Palin’s WTF Moment

Okay, she has a lot of WTF moments. But this one is particularly bizarre. Palin is talking to a tea party rally:

In her speech at the rally, Sarah Palin of course paid homage to the Constitution. “Our vision for America is anchored in time-tested truths that the government that governs least governs best, that the Constitution provides the path to a more perfect union — it’s the Constitution,” she exclaimed. And so it’s extremely puzzling that Palin introduced this new attack line against President Obama yesterday:

“In these volatile times when we are a nation at war, now more than ever is when we need a commander-in-chief, not a constitutional law professor lecturing us from a lectern.”

What the fuck? Now I just gave a long speech last week blasting Obama for ignoring the constitution time and time again in the last 14 months — real constitutional violations, not the imaginary ones Palin speaks about (without actually understanding any of them). But this is just bizarre – the constitution is the most important thing ever, so we need a president who doesn’t know a damn thing about it. You know, like Palin.