Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Dumbass Quote of the Day

Here’s Sen. Orrin Hatch trying to explain why he supported an insurance mandate in 1993 and now he suddenly finds it unconstitutional:

HATCH: Well, it really wasn’t. We were fighting Hillarycare at that time. And I don’t think anyone centered on it, I certainly didn’t. That was 17 years ago. But since then, and with the advent of this particular bill, really seeing how much they’re depending on an unconstitutional approach to it, yea, naturally I got into it, got into it on this issue.

See, 17 years ago we were against the Clinton health plan so we embraced the mandate. Now we’re against the Obama health plan, so we’re against the mandate because he’s for it. See, it’s a perfectly principled position — the principle being that we say whatever we need to say at any given time to make our opponents look bad.