Dispatches from the Creation Wars

It’s been a long time since I’d seen or heard much from our old friend Larry Fafarman, but it turns out that he’s been busy creating and giving out awards. He doesn’t like the NCSE’s Friend of Darwin award, you see, so he’s now invented two new awards of his own:


Awarded for outstanding contributions to the suppression of freedom of expression and freedom of thought.


Awarded for outstanding contributions to the promotion of freedom of expression and freedom of thought. Named in honor of Jefferson’s famous statement, “I have sworn eternal hostility . . . . against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

Now you would think that a committed and consistent civil libertarian like me would get the Friend of Jefferson award, but remember that we are dealing here with the mind of Larry Fafarman, who occupies a universe not easily recognized by those who think rationally. So alas, I am one of the first recipients of the Friend of Hitler award:


Judge John E. “Jackass” Jones III, Eugenie “Evil Genie” Scott, Fatheaded Ed Brayton, Stupid Steven Schafersman, Sleazy PZ Myers, Wesley “Ding” Elsberry, Brandon “Haughty” Haught, Josh Rosenau, Kevin Padian, Jerry Coyne, Chris Mooney, Chris Comer, Carl Zimmer, Ken Miller, Francis Collins, National Center for Science Education, Florida Citizens for Science, Texas Citizens for Science, Texas Freedom Network.

Come on Larry, you’re slacking; you could have taken the time to come up with some incredibly juvenile nickname for everyone on that list, not just a few of us. If you’re gonna be a childish asshole, you gotta commit to it — this half-assed effort simply will not do.

Should I note the irony of giving an award for the “suppression of freedom of thought and freedom of expression” to, of all people, Chris Comer? She lost her job for the crime of sending out an email about an upcoming speaking event about evolution and creationism, for crying out loud. How exactly is she the perpetrator of such suppression rather than the victim of it? Oh, that’s right…we’re in Larry Land now.

Should I also note the irony of getting a Friend of Hitler award from a Holocaust denier? Seriously, you can’t make up this stuff; no one would believe it.

But wait, it gets better:


Jim Sherwood, David Berlinski, Casey Luskin, John West, Don McLeroy, Bill Buckingham, Cornelius Hunter, Discovery Institute.

He gave a Friend of Jefferson award to Don McElroy — who just voted to remove Jefferson from one of the key history standards for Texas public schools and to replace him with John Calvin.

Welcome to Larry Land, where he likes me, he really likes me!

And no Larry, you still don’t get to comment here so don’t even try. You have your own blog to respond, as I’m sure you will.