Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Among the many disparate factions of the Tea Partiers is a strong religious right element, including infamous theocrat Dave (The Coach) Daubenmire, a good friend of whacko John Freshwater. And he’s calling for revolution:

On a night when the U.S. Constitution was king, the Second Amendment was praised, and abortion and the separation of church and state were scorned, candidate Dave Daubenmire of Newark threw the most fireballs and received the loudest applause.

Best known because of a bitter battle with London High School officials over his religious activities while teaching and coaching football, Daubenmire said he didn’t want to “just go occupy Zack Space’s seat. I want to lead a revolution.”

He wants his country back. Which means he wants to return to those “good old days” when Christians held total hegemony over the culture, could force kids to pray even if they weren’t Christian and could make sure gays were kept in the closet. Because he’s tired of those pesky homosexuals shoving it down his throat. Mr. Freud, call your office.

Daubenmire is an abysmally ignorant man. Like most ignorant men, he sees fit to display that ignorance for the public on a regular basis. Heck, one might even say he flaunts it. Or that he wants to “shove it down our throat.” Well, I wouldn’t say that. Someone else might though.