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Glenn Beck Talks to God!

If you didn’t think Glenn Beck could get any loopier, he’s now claiming that God is giving him a plan to share with mankind. Which is rather amusing given that he is a Mormon and most evangelicals think Mormons are cult followers. Of course, Mormons have long claimed to get revelations from God. So have crazy people.

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  1. #1 Mike Parker
    April 26, 2010

    Unfortunately, I suspect that Shane #32 is going to get off without a challenge for merely calling “bullshit” about my comments on UtBoH, while I will be taken task even though I gave links to sites that list specific errors with the book.

    In any case, Krakauer is not the main issue here. The main issue is Glenn Beck’s Mormonism. A quick perusal of the high-traffic Mormon blogs will reveal that most online Mormons think Beck is wrong at best, and nuts at worst.

    Example #1: http://bit.ly/abjfpr
    Example #2: http://bit.ly/c7orh1
    Example #3: http://bit.ly/bCG0JH

    As a Mormon who reads and generally agrees with Ed, I’m personally embarrassed by Glenn Beck’s antics, precisely because they provide fodder for people to stereotype and criticize all Mormons based on his example.

  2. #2 Leigh Williams
    April 27, 2010

    Good lord, here’s another lunatic. thyrymn warns us that Muslim hoardes (a misspelling, but surely you mean hordes and not hoards) will be invading from Canada.

    What are they going to do, polite us to death? They may be Muslims, but they’re also Canadians, for pete’s sake. Check out Little Mosque on the Prairie, dude. Besides, Muslim birthrates are declining in developed countries. After this last wave of Muslim immigration is assimilated, we can expect the Canadian birthrate for Muslims to approximate that of other Canadians. Don’t believe me? Well, what’s the birthrate for Irish-Americans (another greatly reviled immigrant group, in its time) now? And that’s even after you factor in their predominant Catholicism!

    Oh, and Administrator, I have four children, and I’m a liberal. The Mormon birthrate is going down — or haven’t you heard?

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