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Ilana Mercer Strikes Again

Worldnutdaily columnist Ilana Mercer, who once wrote what may be the funniest phrase ever uttered:

I might be mistaken, but I fear that what has emerged from Sciabarra’s many fascinating personal accounts is a liberal and permissive narrative about sexuality that serves to denude sex of its Randian majesty and meaning.

Has now written this of — no, I’m not making this up — Glenn Beck:

In the context of the man’s incalculable contribution to liberty…

Incalculable, perhaps, because it does not exist.


  1. #1 Holytape
    April 27, 2010

    Shame on everyone here. You people shouldn’t be making fun of the mentally ill. This rant is obvious just a word salad, which is a classic sign of early schizophrenia. It’s just a matter of time before she starts down the slippery slope of paranoid delusions.

    Soon Ms. Mercer will don on a tin-foil hat and see organizations such as the Southern Poverty Center as murderous black supremacy groups. Before you know it, she’ll start ranting about how the younger generation is losing the race war. With disheveled hair and dirty finger nails, she start ranting about how smart older Americans are, while ignoring both the facts that many older Americans still can not program the clocks on their VCRs and that older Americans still own VCRs.

    Poor Ilana will wind up in some gutter covered in week old booze and lice, muttering crazy things like “The more I see of Bachmann, the more impressed I grow with her demeanor and unshakable command of the facts.” She’ll be writing on the wall with her own feces, strange bizarre coded messages like “[T]he once glorious South Africa.” What happens when an unwashed Ilana stands at the bus stop and rants about how the army should “remove straight women; but recruit the lesbian Amazonian lady”? What then? Will any of us be laughing at this poor woman?

    Yes, I will. I’ll be laughing my ass off. I’m kind of a bastard that way.

    (As a side note: She is not the person who is most detached from reality on her blog. There was a comment on one of her blog posts stating that the US has been a black run country from the 1960’s onward.)

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