Dispatches from the Creation Wars

This poll is actually a couple weeks old, but I think it speaks volumes. Of the people in a random telephone survey who identified themselves as “supporters of the tea party movement,” 57% had a favorable view of George W. Bush. 57 freaking percent.

You really want to scream about Obama being a Nazi and demanding smaller government and support the guy who tried to single handedly suspend habeas corpus for American citizens and added $7 trillion to the national debt? And I’m supposed to take you seriously? I don’t think so.

Perhaps even more incredibly, a whopping 59% have a favorable view of Glenn Beck. And Nate Silver notes:

Another stereotype, however, rings true: tea-partiers are disproportionately attached to, and perhaps influenced by, FOX News. And they are particularly enamored of Glenn Beck. Nationally, just 18 percent of people have a favorable opinion of Beck (the majority have no opinion whatsoever about him). But most tea-partiers do. Do the math, and you’ll find that 59 percent of those who do think highly of Beck consider themselves a part of the tea-party. This is, in fact, the single biggest differentiator of any of the items that the NYT asked about: not ideology, not any particular political belief, but whom they watch on television

That’s quite interesting, don’t you think? Again, there’s a core of genuine libertarianism in the tea parties that I respect and agree with on many things. But those people will sure as hell not have a positive view of Bush. Any tea partier who still supports Bush is little more than a walking punchline at this point.