Dispatches from the Creation Wars

The GOP’s latest fundraising tactic is to tell some rather ridiculous lies about some of Obama’s judicial nominees for the federal courts. TPM has the details on the new GOP site, http://www.obamavconstitution.com/, and the false claims made on it.

According to the RNC, Goodwin Liu wants to keep the government from having “the tools to fight terror.” Their proof? Liu testified against the nomination of now-Justice Samuel Alito, questioning Alito’s “deferential instinct toward government” during an administration that employed “questionable tactics … to fight the War on Terror.”

Now that’s funny. Liu objects to Alito letting the executive branch shred important constitutional safeguards like warrants — and the GOP criticizes Liu for it on a page allegedly dedicated to pointing out how Obama’s nominees are against the constitution. So much for that irony meter.

Another one of their targets, Robert Chatigny, once ruled that a Connecticut online sex offender registry was illegal because it didn’t give non-violent offenders the chance to appeal putting their names on the site. According to the RNC, this means Chatigny thinks “sex offenders should not be monitored by law enforcement.”

This is standard issue political demagoguery, fear-mongering through lying. And it’s exactly why we can’t get legislatures to take any sane or rational actions on criminal justice, especially if it involves anything remotely sexual. They will inevitably be painted as pro-pedophile by transparent liars like this. And enough voters are stupid enough to fall for it that it works.