Dispatches from the Creation Wars

You know it’s only a matter of time before the right wing seizes on this story as Obama’s blueprint for America, since he’s a Kenyan Muslim and all.

A group of Islamic clerics in northeastern Kenya said on Monday it was cracking down on public broadcasts of soccer and films because it feared young Kenyan Muslims were shunning Islamic traditions.

The group based in the town of Mandera on the border with Somalia said it had also put pressure on local administrators to back their television bans in a soccer-mad nation eagerly awaiting the World Cup in South Africa.

Oh yeah, and movies too:

“If we come to a place where movies or watching football goes on we simply take everything and destroy the disc and repay the owners. We have now succeeded in 10 places,” Sheikh Daud Sheikh Mahmud, head of the group, told Reuters.

“We will not stop until we have destroyed totally all the cinemas showing movies and football in this area,” he said by phone from Mandera.

You can almost feel the dissonance in those who want to use this to bash Obama. On the one hand, it’s about Kenya and Muslims. On the other hand, they’re cracking down on movies, which means evil liberal Hollywood productions, and soccer, which is kinda French and sissy-like.