Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Glenn Beck’s hilariously paranoid delusions continue to pour forth. Everyone who criticizes him gets thrown together into one giant conspiracy to “destroy” him and “silence” him. And he’s just the beginning; they’re coming after you next:

Polarize that individual and make that individual toxic. That’s not coming after all of Fox, because that wakes everybody up. Do it small. Take them out one at a time. I’m just the first. And if you take me out, then what happens? Does [Bill] O’Reilly go? Does Sean [Hannity] go? Do you go? And once they clean this place out, then who goes? Is it Diane Sawyer? Is it [George] Stephanopoulos? Who is it? Who’s next? I mean, it’s — I’ve never seen anything like it before. This, this — the Nixon enemy list? Please. This is nothing like that. This is targeting and destroying.

“First they came for the Jews.” But fear not, whackaloons who love him. Glenn Beck will not be silenced. He will brave the slings and arrows, no matter what the cost:

On his radio program, Beck said: “Let me tell you this: They shut me down on radio, that’s fine, I’ll do TV. They shut me down on TV, that’s fine, I’ll do Internet. They shut me down on the Internet, that’s fine, I’ll do stage shows. They shut me down on stage shows, that’s fine, I’ll go door to door. You will have to shoot me in the head.”

It’s like he thinks he’s starring in his own movie and he’s writing the script. He is, of course, the brave hero of the story and anyone who dares to criticize him for, oh I don’t know, being a fucking lunatic for example, is all part of the bad guys. It’s like a really bad Steven Seagal movie starring Glenn Beck.