Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Best. Idea. Ever.

Balko links to this amusing article about a new heightened security measure at the airport in Austin, Texas. The supergeniuses have a brilliant new plan to fight terrorism: random, voluntary car inspections.

Cars heading to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport will see random, voluntary inspections Monday.

The searches are part of an increase in security at the airport.

It’s a joint operation between the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Austin Police, and airport security…

Officials say the searches are voluntary and drivers can opt out if they want.

Balko has the perfect response to this:

I sure hope the terrorists cooperate!

Me too. Then again, the last two attempted terrorists were probably dumb enough to volunteer for the inspections. One of them couldn’t set his own underwear on fire and the other one tried to make a bomb out of some Turf Builder and 4th of July sparklers. Thank heaven for stupid terrorists.