Dispatches from the Creation Wars

In case you don’t despise Richard Nixon enough, let me add some fuel to the fire. The New York Times reports on Nixon’s response to the Supreme Court legalizing abortion. He wasn’t a big fan of abortion, but he supported it in certain cases. Like rape. Or if the baby is interracial:

Nixon worried that greater access to abortions would foster “permissiveness,” and said that “it breaks the family.” But he also saw a need for abortion in some cases — like interracial pregnancies, he said.

“There are times when an abortion is necessary. I know that. When you have a black and a white,” he told an aide, before adding, “Or a rape.”

And let’s tarnish Reagan’s reputation with a little history while we’re at it:

Nine months later, Nixon forced the firing of the special prosecutor looking into the Watergate affair, Archibald Cox, and prompted the resignations of Attorney General Elliot L. Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William D. Ruckelshaus. The next day, Ronald Reagan, who was then governor of California and would later be president, told the White House that he approved.

Reagan said the action, which would become known as the “Saturday Night Massacre,” was “probably the best thing that ever happened — none of them belong where they were,” according to a Nixon aide’s notes of the private conversation.

Reagan not only was okay with Nixon firing the man investigating his own criminal activities, he said it was “probably the best thing that ever happened.” Very nice.