Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Hitler! In response to a Canadian school course called Social Justice 12, which teaches the virtues of tolerance and understanding of those who are different than us in terms of ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation and so on, James Dobson fires up the Godwin gun:

“Not since Adolf Hitler prepared a generation of German and Austrian youth for war has so grand a strategy been attempted.”

It’s funny, Glenn Beck says empathy leads to Hitler. Dobson says teaching tolerance leads to Hitler. The Tea Partiers say giving health care to the poor leads to Hitler. I don’t recall Hitler doing any of those things, do you? The Final Solution did not begin by extending health care to the Jews. Those who were checked in to concentration camps did not first get a course in empathizing with others and tolerating our differences.

But I don’t recall any of those folks invoking Hitler when Bush was claiming the power to unilaterally suspend habeas corpus and put American citizens in prison forever without charges — something Hitler (and nearly all despots) actually did do. I don’t recall any of those folks objecting to using Nazi torture techniques on detainees, even though they were actually authorized for use by Hitler.

Everything seems to remind them of Hitler. Except Hitler.