Dispatches from the Creation Wars

This comes from the Worldnutdaily, but the video clearly shows what a total asshole this sheriff’s deputy from New Mexico is. Two of them, actually. A group of Christians were protesting outside a Rob Zombie concert, telling people to repent or go to hell, etc. You’ve seen people like this if you’ve ever gone to many concerts. A bunch of deputies come up and order them to leave because they’re on private property (which is disputable, since it’s actually public property being leased for the concert).

The lead officer, knowing he’s being videotaped, just goes off on a tirade. He turns to the crowd of people waiting in line for the concert and asks them if they want the protesters to stay or go, and of course they say go — as if that has any relevance at all to the legalities of the situation.

He tells them he doesn’t like their sign. Then as he’s walking them off the property he starts arguing with them, shouting “I am a non-believer. There is no God. There is no Jesus. There is no Satan” into the camera — again, as if that has any relevance at all to the situation. Then another cop comes in and orders them to stop videotaping and takes the camera away.

You have to see this video. It’s incredible. This guy only succeeds in proving that sometimes an atheist can be just as much an asshole as anyone else. He needs to be fired, immediately.