Dispatches from the Creation Wars

A full two days since he was shown that his “quote” from Barack Obama is fake and yet it still remains at the very top of his latest column at the Worldnutdaily. And remember, this is a man who declared in an email to me:

I am not scientist, but a philosopher and an intellectual so the way I approach all bodies of knowledge is from reason and veritas (truth).

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. I also don’t think the phrase “intellectual integrity” has any meaning for him at all.

Ah, but he has responded by email. And predictably, he did the “it may not be a real quote but it reflects his opinions” thing. And then he preached at me.

Hello Ed, Although perhaps not Obama’s exact words, do you think they
reflect his racist animosity towards white people and America? Remember a quote can be a paraphrase of one’s ideas and sentiments.

I corrected the Huxley quote although I found attributions of that quote to both Huxley and Gray. The point being Darwin said those words because like most rational people who don’t have a vendetta against God, Darwin knew evolution wasn’t a “theory” but an unproven sham hypothesis at best which humanists and atheists used as a pretext to remove Christianity from its central place in Western Civilization.

On Judgment Day it will not be Darwin’s bearded face whom you will see. Ed, please give your heart to Christ before it is too late!


And indeed, it appears he finally did change the attribution on the Darwin quote sometime after I publicly shamed him for the second time over it (the first time was in February; the second time was in June). Will he pull the Obama quote now? It’s still there at the moment.

All of this is pure idiocy, of course. No, even as a paraphrase I don’t think the quote comes anywhere close to expressing Obama’s feelings. I have been a constant critic of Obama since the day he took office so I certainly cannot be accused of being biased toward him in this regard, but the notion that Obama hates white people and is out to destroy America in order to take revenge on us all — which is what Washington said in his column — is beyond moronic.

And this Darwin quote that he adores so much is utterly irrelevant to the truth of evolution as an explanation for the natural history of life on earth. Yes, Darwin had his own doubts about his theory while he was still working on it; so what? Does that somehow cancel out the 150 years of research that has continually confirmed common descent since then? Only an idiot or a demagogue would believe so.