Dispatches from the Creation Wars

The Economist has a poll up about the proposed Islamic center near Ground Zero and the results are depressing. Like this one:


Only half the country thinks they have a constitutional right to build it, and less than 50% of Democrats even. The Republicans are far worse, of course, with only 32% supporting such a right and more than half rejecting it. And then there’s this:


Almost half the population thinks you can ban only Muslims from putting up places of worship in some or all of the nation. The party split on that one:

Option one, can build mosques anywhere: 63.2% of Democrats, 32.9% of Republicans.

Option two, should forbid mosques but not other places of worship in some places but not in others: 26.1% of Democrats, 47.4% of Republicans.

Option three, should forbid mosques anywhere in the country: 10.6% of Democrats, 19.7 % of Republicans.

Absolutely depressing. And it only feeds into the narrative that the Islamic radicals are trying to sell to Muslims around the world. I never cease to be amazed by how cowardly and authoritarian the American people can be if you make them just a little bit afraid, and especially if some demagogue whips them up into an emotional reaction.