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Charges Reduced Against Drunk Cop

Remember the Indianapolis cop who ran into three motorcycles that were parked, killing two people and critically injuring another while drunk on duty? The charges have been dropped against him for a rather convenient reason. Balko reports:

Prosecutors initially filed a host of DWI-related charges against Bisard. But on August 19, Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi announced he had no choice but to drop the most serious charges because Bisard’s blood had been drawn by an uncertified lab tech. And because none of Brisard’s fellow officers apparently noticed his intoxication at the scene of the accident, there was no admissible evidence that Brisard was drunk when he caused the crash.

And here’s why none of the officers can testify against him:

None of the officers who responded on August 6 thought to give Bisard a breath test, or apparently even suspect him of being drunk. At first blush perhaps that’s understandable, given that Bisard was on-duty at the time. But when he was finally given a blood test more than two hours after the accident, he tested at .19.

Which means at the time of the accident, he was probably at .24 or so, three times the legal limit. But the news isn’t all bad:

In the face of a pretty furious public backlash, there have at least been some consequences: According to the Star, Brisard does still face a lesser charge of reckless homicide, plus added charges of criminal recklessness. IMPD officials dismissed Lt. George Crooks as coordinator of the multiagency Fatal Alcohol Crash Team, and Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard announced last week that Assistant Chief Darryl Pierce, Deputy Chief Ron Hicks, and Commander John Conley would all be demoted for the handling of Bisard’s case.

Still, a civilian who did the same thing would be facing much more serious charges.