Dispatches from the Creation Wars

I’d Buy Gas Somewhere Else

Here’s an entirely unsurprising story out of South Carolina:

Filling up your car up with gas is a mundane chore. You drive up pop open the tank and screw off the top. But at one gas station, you get a surprise message when you swipe your credit card.

“One nation under God and if you don’t like it, you can leave.” The bold digital statement has been there for a year.

Arrogant. Sanctimonious. Self-righteous. What an asshole. Then again, look at his customers:

In fact, all the customers we talked to like it. “I think it’s good,” said one driver. “I think people should have a choice, if they don’t like it, they can leave.”

One woman says she continually gives the station her business because of the message. She hopes more people do the same. “I disagree totally 100% about taking God out of the system,” the woman said.

Morons marketing themselves to morons. What a shock.