Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Badass Quote of the Day

From Daniel Larison, one of the few conservative thinkers who does not suffer from Obama Derangement Syndrome, refuting Gingrich and D’Souza:

If one insists on psychoanalyzing Obama instead of just looking at his actual policies and public statements, it would be a lot more productive to think about how Obama made himself into the accommodating, establishmentarian, conventional politician and monogamous family man he is as a complete repudiation of his father’s life and political failures. People who insist on trying to see Obama as a left-wing radical, closeted or otherwise, will simply be chasing after ghosts and making themselves look inexcusably foolish in the process.

That last sentence is very important. If Obama has proven one thing beyond a shadow of any hypothetical doubt since taking office, it is that he is anything but a radical. On domestic policy he is barely to the left of center. On foreign policy, he is actually to the right of center. His two years in office has, if anything, been devoted to stubbornly refusing to try to move the country to the left.

The problem for conservatives, as I have said time and time again, is that they cannot attack him for his policy mistakes because most of his policy mistakes are mistakes because they have continued the bad policies of Bush or focused too much on reaching compromises. So they have to go to the outer limits of crazy to find criticisms — he’s a Muslim, he’s a terrorist sympathizer, he’s the next Adolf Hitler, and so forth.