Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Here’s an amusing exchange between Jim Garlow and Matt Staver (aka the Worst Lawyer in the World):

Garlow: If in reality the homosexual portion of the population is only 3-5%, then it seems to me they have linked up in a profound way with many others who are not homosexual. And I’m not referring to the homosexual who may be the nice one who lives next door; I’m talking about people who are committed to a radical homosexual agenda, they have been able to link up with a number of other groups and the result is that it’s almost like an Antichrist spirit, almost a capacity to silence the Gospel from being proclaimed. Is that an overstatement?

Staver: It’s not an overstatement. You’re having a confluence of different people who don’t necessarily have the same ideas. They may not be homosexual but it is an anti-Christian viewpoint; it’s a very militaristic anti-Christian viewpoint. Atheists are becoming more militaristic, the National Organization for Women, the pro-abortion organizations, and others as well are combing together because they have a common cause and that common cause is anti-Christian.

Can you believe the nerve of those people who disagree with the religious right actually working together to build coalitions to prevent them from imposing their religion on all of us?