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Gay Conservatives Embrace Coulter

The long-anticipated appearance of Ann Coulter at a fundraiser for GOProud finally happened last week. And as amusing as it has been to watch the wingnuts tear each other apart over it, it’s equally amusing to see the gay conservatives embrace Coulter as though she’s on their side suddenly. Politico reports on the event and includes things like this:

Coulter’s talk drew a mixed response, but her presence marked the increasingly mainstream Republican embrace of gay rights. Coulter had a falling out with a conservative website that has published her, WorldNetDaily, over her attendance. “She’s doing something important – she’s showing her base that it’s OK,” said one attendee, Michael Lucas. (Lucas also confided to a reporter, “I wonder what Ann will think about the fact that I am the biggest producer of gay porn on the East Coast and probably in the whole U.S.”)

What would Ann think? Anything that would bring her more money and attention. She didn’t show up at this event because she supported you all, she showed up because you paid her to show up. And if you were a Democrat or a liberal, she’d be savaging you as an America-destroying heathen because you produce gay porn, but since you’re a conservative she won’t say a word.

For all this nonsense from the Worldnutdaily about Coulter now “pushing the gay agenda,” the truth is that Coulter will be happily back to peddling “faggot” jokes when she appears before social conservative groups — a good performer always tailors their act to the audience, you know. And that’s what Coulter is, a performer. She’s the Outrageous Miss C, the one who will say shocking things that you wish you were clever enough to think of. And she’ll turn on the people praising her now in a millisecond when it will help her bank account.


  1. #1 Blotto von Bismarck
    September 29, 2010

    As a resident of Tennessee, the Lucas-Coulter-Farah fiasco reminds me of this ad quite well. Notice that at about 0:20, the ad (made by the RNC) claims that Harold Ford took money from porn movies.

    Subsequently, however, the RNC was shown to take money in from GAY porn companies.

    How could Joseph Farah possibly support an organization which takes in money from homosexuals, if he opposes Ann Coulter for doing the same thing?

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