Dispatches from the Creation Wars

We have an assistant attorney general in Michigan named Andrew Shirvell who’s been getting a lot of attention lately for his juvenile and vile attacks on the student body president at the University of Michigan. After years of him being a weapons grade asshole, his boss, AG Mike Cox, finally condemned his activities but took no other action. I’m not sure whether legally he can fire Shirvell; I think it likely depends on whether he is considered a civil servant or a political appointee and I’m not sure which it is.

He’s put up a blog for the sole purpose of attacking Chris Armstrong, the aforementioned student leader, putting up pictures of him with swastikas on his face and calling him a “radical homosexual.” But then Shirvell considers any gay person to be “radical.” The guy’s got some serious issues with gays. He once organized a boycott and protests of an Ann Arbor pizza place because they had a rainbow sticker on their window. Seriously.

I’m sure it will come as no shock when I tell you that he graduated from Ave Maria Law School, founded by equally anti-gay Tom Monaghan and run by a group of zealous bigots and wingnuts (Robert Bork is on their board of directors). Anderson Cooper had him on CNN the other day and Shirvell embarrassed himself with his inane babbling. Here’s the video: