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Badass Quote of the Day

I like this one:

A Christian has to be Adolf Hitler to be called militant. All an atheist has to do is write a book.


  1. #1 Modusoperandi
    October 16, 2010

    Michael Heath (#4), ‘Church militant and church triumphant’

    Matty “Paul of Tarsus?”
    Hardly. Paul wrote some letters. Later, somebody put a bunch of them together. They didn’t even ask his estate for permission!

    Tuco ‘No, I don’t know that atheists should be regarded as citizens…I’m just not very high on atheists. – George H.W. Bush’
    {citation needed} That quote is everywhere, it’s supposed to have taken place in a public conference (if memory serves), but only one person heard it.

    The Christian Cynic “Just to be clear, we’re in agreement on this, and I think that the ‘new atheists’ยน like Dawkins and Hitchens don’t deserve to be called ‘militant’ in the least.”
    I do! Dawkins, “For Rationalism, In the Name of the Brights!”, annexed my bathroom!

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