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Whatever your thoughts are on whether Juan Williams deserved to be fired by National Public Radio or not, you’re probably going to get a chuckle out of the reaction on the websites owned by Andrew Breitbart. For the writers from those sites, the firing is just confirmation of whatever boogeyman du jour they were already peddling. Jeff Dunetz creates a connection to the White House out of thin air:

Most probably, NPR had a partner in the decision. This was the opening shot of the White House’s escalation of its war on Fox News. Its intent was to send shivers down the spine of any journalist or news network that cooperates with Fox News.

He doesn’t have a shred of evidence for this claim, of course, but it’s “most probably” true in his eyes. So who needs actual evidence? Then again, this is his idea of offering evidence:

In recent weeks the White House has been preparing to “ramp up” its war on Fox

* George Soros’ Open Society Foundation (OSF) is donating $1.8 million to NPR for a project planned to add at least 100 reporters across the country to cover local state house politics to fill the holes left by the firing of so many local reporters due to the contraction in the field of journalism over the last decade. Soros is not only the Chairman of the OSF but their 2008 tax return reflected Soros donation of over $400 million.

Uh. What does the second statement have to do with the first? George Soros is not the White House. And of course, Dunetz hasn’t objected one bit to Fox News having donated a million dollars to the Republican Governors Association. When rich liberals give their money to liberal non-profits, this proves that the Democrats are in the pocket of those rich liberals; when rich conservatives donate money directly to Republican political parties, that’s just fine.

But this is nothing compared to the crazy being brought by Frank Gaffney on another Breitbart site. This all just proves one thing to him: The Muslims are coming, the Muslims are coming!

Juan Williams’ firing is evidence of submission to shariah. As Molly Norris can attest, that code makes it a capital offense to “blaspheme” or “slander” Islam. It is no accident that Williams feels trepidation about getting on a plane with those whose dress indicates that they are shariah-adherent. That fear is precisely the intended response to terrifying jihadism; it is what is expected of dhimmis – the infidels who do not convert to Islam, but are nonetheless allowed to live as second-class citizens under Muslim domination. NPR and the other media that submit (the literal meaning of Islam) so as to give no offense rather than risk retaliation are exhibiting the characteristics of dhimmitude.

Can you believe the nerve of Muslims to dress like Muslims (whatever that is — I’d bet the average anti-Muslim bigot would just as readily identify a Sikh or a Hindu as a Muslim; anyone with dark skin and anything on their head other than a Nascar hat will do)? They’re trying to make us feel trepidation by dressing like what they are!

Never mind that the overwhelming majority of Muslims traveling in the US are almost certainly American citizens who support this country just as much as those who look askance at them. Or that someone who actually planned to commit terrorism is far more likely to NOT dress like a Muslim in order to avoid any unnecessary attention. You must fear them!


  1. #1 Aquaria
    October 27, 2010

    The reaction to Williams that y’all are seeing from liberal blogs comes after years of documenting how much of a dimwit the guy is.

    Those of us with long enough memories know that he supported Clarence Thomas’s nomination for the Supreme Court. The feminists have not forgotten, believe me.

    Ah, misogyny. It comes to Williams about like wet to water. In 1999, he engaged in a boys-will-be-misogynist assholes conversation that had him remarking about a man’s claim of why he loved and married a particular woman: “The problem, Tod, is that nobody can believe, one, that she was this beautiful woman in college—anyone who’s seen the pictures—and, two, who can believe that she didn’t know that this guy was a skirt-chaser all along?” In Juan’s fucked up mind, the only way a skirt-chaser can fall in love with and marry any woman is if she’s either super-hawt, or if she’s not, she’s the kind of woman who will do anything to get to the top, a manipulator and a user. It couldn’t be because a man could like a woman and find her attractive, even if someone else doesn’t–could it? It couldn’t be because he found her intelligent or caring or anything like that–right? BTW, the couple in question were Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    But Juan isn’t a one-note idiot. He can go the full monty on it!

    In 2007, Williams accused other news channels/programs of being dishonest in their coverage of Bill O’Reilly after the splotchy one commented about how good a Harlem restaurant was, even though it was run by and frequented mostly by blacks. When the expected uproar came about the racism of that remark, Williams went round the bend out of his way to defend O’Reilly, and said it was “taken out of context”. The transcript where O’Reilly makes the remark is here. Context that, dufus.

    In 2008, he called the Iraqis “ingrates” for not appreciating what America had been doing for them. What could they be thinking! They should be grateful for having us tear their nation apart for something they didn’t do. You’re not just getting plunged into civil war and murder and chaos–you’re getting plunged into civil war and murder and chaos with American intervention, and you dang well better like it. We don’t destroy just any nation, y’know!

    I’d link up more stupid things this dork has said over the years, but I’ve maxed out how many links Sciblogs allows.

    As it is, NPR had been quite unhappy with him for several years now over the Fox commenter gig. They have an employee guideline that says their staffers are not allowed to appear on pundit shows. They don’t want to be associated with Fox, either. Williams did it, anyway. Why they didn’t fire him the second he appeared on Fox, I don’t know.

    Maybe this was the last straw for NPR, or the one thing that they could safely fire him for. They’ve probably wanted rid of him for a long, long time.

    And now an angry white yahoo has sent a bomb threat to NPR and making threatening calls to the home of at least one NPR executive. Over that nitwit.

    It’s kind of sad. At one time, Williams wrote rather well about civil rights issues, and he’s not entirely bad. He’s just gotten goats-on-fire stupid way too often as the years have gone by.

    NPR made the right move.

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