Dispatches from the Creation Wars

With all the batshit crazy Republican candidates on the ballot around the country next week you might have missed this batshit crazy Democratic candidate in Texas. Kesha Rogers is running against incumbent Republican Pete Olson in Texas’ 22nd Congressional District. And she’s a nutcase extraordinaire:

Kesha Rogers is keeping busy. Not only is she taking on Republican U.S. Rep. Pete Olson in a heavily conservative district this fall; she’s busy waging a war against the British Empire.

“That is the number one challenge and enemy we are up against right now,” Rogers says. “Imperial Britain… has been the dominant force behind the destruction of sovereign nation states.”

For those of us who like to keep an eye on the political looneys, that last bit should be a clue that we’re talking about a Lyndon Larouche follower here.

As a devotee of Lyndon LaRouche, the man she calls “the world’s leading economic forecaster,” Rogers believes America is in an epic struggle against the financial forces of London. She also denies global warming, compares health care reform proposals to Hitler’s Tiergarten 4 medical killing program and calls for the impeachment of President Barack Obama.

Unlike the Republican party, which has embraced the crazy of Sharron Angle, Carl Paladino, Michelle Bachmann and many others, the Democratic Party of Texas passed a referendum officially disclaiming their candidate and telling Democrats not to vote for her.