Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Dumbass quote of the Day

Someone left this as a comment, from a letter to the editor of an Iowa newspaper:

Any person in this country who truly believes in God, Jesus and Christianity, and who calls themself Christian, cannot be a part of or member of the Democratic Party if they are truly honest with themselves.The Democratic Party, now the Progressive/Marxist/Socialist Democrat Party, slam and tear down religion at every chance or opportunity they can. The PMS Democratic Party is anti-religion and wants God and Christianity out of our lives, but stands up for and promotes the Muslim religion and its Quran. Every Democrat up for election needs to be defeated, along with the moderate and RINO Republicans. The PMS Democratic Party is controlled and funded by billionaire communist George Soros. I was a Democrat for 33 years before I opened my eyes. The party left us years ago. Every person who believes in this country and the goodness in it needs to run from the Democratic Party, the unions, AARP and any other group that stands for socialism.

Well as long as you’re being rational about this. I’m hardly a fan of the Democratic party, but this is utter lunacy.