Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Freshwater Lawsuits Dropped and Settled

Ohio pseudo-science teacher and wingnut John Freshwater has dropped his lawsuit for wrongful termination against the Mt. Vernon school district. He was fired after years of flagrantly violating the law and using his classroom as a Sunday school classroom — not to mention burning a cross into a student’s arm with a Tesla coil. He is, of course, trying to make himself look like a martyr for doing so:

John Freshwater and his wife, Nancy, said in a statement that he had been offered financial settlements in his lawsuit against current and former Mount Vernon school board members…

“We have already spent our life savings and have pledged our farm to get to the truth,” Freshwater said. “It is better to leave the money on the table than to take the Bible off of my desk.”

The school says this is a lie:

An attorney for the school board, however, said her clients never made a settlement offer and no money was on the table.

“We’re dumbfounded,” said Cleveland attorney Sarah Moore. “We can’t even begin to speculate as to what he’s trying to do.”

Given the raft of lies told by Freshwater in this case, I’d say he has little credibility on this or any other matter. There was little chance Freshwater was going to win this case so there was little need for the school to try and settle.

Interesting side note. At one point earlier this summer, the judge in the case had to order Freshwater and his attorney to respond to discovery motions by the defendants. A whole bunch of subpoenas and discovery motions had been ignored and Freshwater’s attorney, R. Kelly Hamilton, claimed that he didn’t have time to respond to them because he was busy with his client’s administrative hearing on the same issue challenging his firing. The court responded:

Plaintiffs have repeatedly failed to meet their discovery obligations in this case. The fact that their attorney regards himself as over-extended does not relieve
either plaintiffs or their attorney of their obligations in this litigation – which was, after all, initiated by them.

The court even ordered Hamilton himself to personally pay the expenses of the defendants for having to file the motion to compel response to those discovery motions. To say the case was not going well so far for Freshwater and his attorney is to understate the case.

But the family of the victim in this case has decided not to try and collect that money from Hamilton in an agreement to settle their lawsuit against the school district and Freshwater. The family gets $300,000 from the school’s insurer (which also covers Freshwater since he was an employee of the school) plus a $150,000 annuity for their son.

Now the only thing left to settle is the administrative appeal of the school’s decision to fire Freshwater. And there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that Freshwater is going to win that one. And then he’ll slink off to the Christian circuit where he’ll terrify poor old ladies with tales of his martyrdom over plates of bad food served from chafing dishes.