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WTF is Up With Randy Quaid?

I’ve always liked Randy Quaid as an actor but it seems he’s gone off the deep end. First he and his wife got arrested for not paying a hotel bill. Then they got arrested again for living in a house they used to own but had sold several years ago. They didn’t show up for a court hearing on that charge and turned up in Canada, where they were arrested. And this is where it gets weird. Now they’re asking for asylum in Canada because, they say, there are people murdering famous actors and they fear they may be next.

There, the pair — who were arrested a day earlier on outstanding U.S. warrants — told an adjudicator that the actor has had eight close friends murdered in recent years, adding they fear that they could be next.

In a handwritten note, shown to media by their Vancouver-based lawyer, Brian Tsuji, the couple said: “Yes we are requesting asylum from Hollywood ‘STAR WHACKERS.'”

Those Quaid counts among his “murdered” friends include actors Heath Ledger and David Carradine.

It’s starting to sound like playing cousin Eddie in the Vacation movies may have been typecasting. What a loon.


  1. #1 Peter Rosenholm
    November 1, 2010

    I have now survived three covert and/or slow kills. First was to be a staged attack set up by police. Then an all night attack by what appears to be the Navy’s high powered microwave weapon MEDUSA that put me in the hospital where a setup had me involuntarily committed there MEDUSA microwave hearing effect was played to make me think my daughter had been kidnapped while I was told to hang myself
    and jump out the 4th floor window. A call to her in the morning exposed the psychological attempt at a forced suicide. The last attack was based on a false diagnosis of hearing voices which we now know by the admission of the MEDUSA weapon is the microwave hearing effect. With this false diagnosis I was given Seroquel supposedly for anxiety which among other things raise
    our triglycerides making us more susceptible to a heart attack. Here an article from the Huffington post explains this form of murder/slow kill.
    And even low level microwaves increase triglyceride levels like the microwave attack on our embassy in this link from Time/CNN.
    Here is a link to the Navy’s Medusa weapon from wikipedia.
    Thank You, to Randi Quaid for helping expose State Sponsored

    Peter Rosenholm

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