Dispatches from the Creation Wars

A New Nigerian Scam

So I’m in the process of changing cell phone companies. T-Mobile has decided to drop my account because most of my usage is outside of their service area and they apparently can’t make money off me. No biggie, I’m switching to Virgin Mobile and actually saving about $45 a month that way.

So I have to switch phones as well and I ordered a new Samsung Intercept from Virgin, an Android phone like the old one (I like the Android operating system). I put two old T-Mobile phones, one a Motorola Cliq and the other a Blackberry, up on Craigslist.

I get a response on the Blackberry from someone who was very interested and they asked for my paypal email address so they could send me the money. I give it to them and they emailed back and said they sent the money and asked me to overnight it to them tomorrow. No problem, I said.

I get home and get an email that looks like it’s from Paypal but it’s not. The from line says:


And the address to send the phone to is in Lagos, Nigeria. Nice try. I sent back an email that said, “Apparently you have me confused with a fucking idiot. Scam someone else.”