Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Beware of Sasquatch Israel!

I had a little fun with Donald Douglas from the American Power blog for his stupid comments about Elizabeth Edwards not converting on her deathbed and a reader left a link to his own blog where he had even more fun with Douglas.

It seems Douglas went to a rally a few months ago for the 9th anniversary of 9/11 and saw a guy holding a sign that said “Sasquatch Isreal.” And he launched into a fullscale analysis of what that phrase must mean:

Then turning around, I saw this kid yacking it up for the crowd, obviously having a blast with this ugly Jew-hating sign. And what does that mean, “SASQUATCH ISRAEL”? This is a play on the “legitimacy myth” of Israel’s existence. As there’s of course a “Sasquatch myth,” it’s worth noting the implied comparison: that Israel is also an ape-like beast existing only in historical folklore. Absent legitimacy, Israel has “no right to exist.” This kid’s sign is but one more example of eliminationist anti-Semitism. And look at how overjoyed he is in boasting this hatred. Creepy.

And here is the picture of that “overjoyed” kid:


Douglas apparently didn’t notice that the sign actually had three words, all spelled correctly, rather than two words with one of them spelled incorrectly: Sasquatch Is Real. It didn’t have anything at all to do with Israel. Highly amusing.