Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Merry Vegas and a Lucky New Year

– guest-blogged by W. Kevin Vicklund

Well, Ed’s abandoning us for Vegas once again, so he’s letting some of the inmates run the asylum. Chris Rodda, Jon Rowe, and I all filled in for Ed last time, but we’ve got a newcomer this round. Yes, here by popular demand, Michael Heath will finally be blogging! Here’s hoping that a taste of blogging will get Michael to start his own blog. Of course, we still want his insights here as well…

Anyway, I’ve got a full week lined up. I’m going to take a look at standing, especially how the modern standing doctrine got so screwed up. A discussion of the Lemon Test is also planned. Someone Ed fisked several years ago has an update that my SIWOTI Syndrome is demanding to address, and a humorous update on an old “friend” is in the offering. Add a dash of current events, and the plate is almost filled. But I have one more thing planned.

Saturday is Christmas. Be they sectarian or secular, most of the readers of Dispatches celebrate some form of gift-giving day around this time of year. So my gift to the readers is to perform a detailed fisking on a topic of your choosing. In the comments, point me to a “worthy” argument that’s just screaming to be demolished. On Tuesday, I’ll choose one to deconstruct, post to appear on Christmas Day. Otherwise treat this post as an open thread and discuss whatever you like.