Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Here’s a trailer promoting a 12-DVD series titled, Resisting the Green Dragon, which is almost exclusively comprised of slanders against science, scientists, and environmentalists. Some of the biggest names of the religious right are promoting this video: Tony Perkins, David Barton, Wendy Wright, and Richard Land.

Some of the most absurd quips:

Environmentalism, “is deadly” . . . and “deadly to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Environmentalism (it’s described as if it’s a conscious entity like Satan) has, “millions falling prey to its spiritual deception”.

“Environmentalism is your enemy.”

“Environmentalism is its own religion.”

“Environmentalism is a cult.” [Cornwall Alliance, the entity who produced this video series calls it “The Green Dragon”].

“Environmentalism points people away from God and into humanism.” [Tony Perkins]

Richard Land’s whopper, “Environmentalists have a long history of believing and promoting exaggerations and myths.” [He’s the first person to relate this supposed behavior to actual humans rather than some mythical boogeyman.]

“Environmental Science simply doesn’t have a good track record, not at all. There false assertions are based more on their own morbid and pessissmistic fears, not on any good science.” [David Barton]

“We need to stop the war on the poor.” [which is repeated]

In the late 1990s I did some research to attempt to understand why conservative Christians would reject what science had to say about the environment and the climate. There is nothing biblical that would compel one to reject what science understands on these matters while there is ample biblical admonitions that Jews and Christians have an obligation to practice good “stewardship” [in light of scientific findings].

I came to the conclusion that by the late-1990s conservative Christian leaders were confident that they’d finally coalesced their minions into the Republican party. Control of an entire party appratus seemed to be at their fingertips with George W. Bush running and their anticipation Republicans would control both chambers of Congress as well by 2001. The only threat was their flock considering voting Democratic in order to align with the party which was the most willing to mitigate global warming over the current wedge issue that kept them motivated to remain in the GOP, the party’s near-monolithic rejection of abortion rights. This reconciled well with how insane their ire is towards Al Gore. Since the Republican party’s plutocratic wing at that time was dominated by fossil fuel interests there was little chance of these Christian leaders converting the GOP to policies consistent with scientific findings on the climate and the environment. Therefore the effort to claim climate science is a conspiracy so their sheep can stick to worrying about abortion, and then gays [2004], and now that Kenyan al Qaeda socialist in the White House.

Correction: After further consideration of James Hanley’s point below about my use of the phrase “whopper” of a lie immediately preceding Richard Land’s comments, I concur with James. I should have noted his comment was instead both disingenuous and intellectually dishonest; dishonesty which is greatly amplified within the context of others’ claims in this video. If I had noted “whoppers” in a list which contained Mr. Land’s comment I’d be comfortable with that description given he contributes to the context promoting the falsehood that scientists and environmentalists are engaged in a conspiratorial false religion. However the term “whopper” does not stand-up specific to Mr. Land’s comments. Thanks for the critique James.