Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Here’s one short video clip of thirteen of Mr. Nugent discussing the Palin TLC series; it also provides an illustrative example of his overtly-florid rhetorical style in promoting hunting.

He goes completely off the grid at about 1:35 when he refers to Sarah Palin (and her family):

What a perfect, mystical lifestyle. Davey Crockett, Daniel Boone, and Sarah Palin baby; the trifecta of hands-on conservation. They are my heros.

Mere hyperbole which deserves some slack? Sure if Sarah Palin wasn’t falsely posing as someone who demonstrated the ability to safely handle guns and hunt. But Sarah Palin once again reveals her continual dishonesty along with a complete lack of concern for those around her – even fellow family members.

Anyone who was properly trained to handle guns and hunt quickly realizes that Sarah Palin in no way knows her way around a gun or hunting. In fact she’s not even remotely qualified to touch a gun given her complete lack of knowledge regarding certain safety precautions most hunters are taught as small children, many before the age of ten. In addition serious hunters, and this includes all the hunters I’ve ever engaged with but two, take the responsibility of attempting to take an animal’s life very seriously. This responsibility obligates hunters to:

  • Insure they and their guns are prepared for the hunt. Ms. Palin nor her guns were ready – which would have required validating her weapon was both sighted-in and sighted-in for her aiming biases.
  • Never shoot at an un-wounded animal unless you were confident, say 80+%, your first shot will kill your target with that shot. Anything less is a moral failing.
  • This approach results in skilled hunters having more shooting opportunities and less-skilled hunters being more reticent unless all conditions are favorable. In her televised caribou hunt Ms. Palin shot six times with her last shot being the first to hit her target and fortunately, kill it quickly. Given her prior misses it was an incredibly irresponsible shot since she demonstrated insufficient skills to take a shot at an animal directly facing her, which provides a smaller kill-zone target than one whose side is facing you. “Uncle Ted” as he likes to be called knows these rules and practices them himself; this is not the secret of a few or the practice of a handful. Instead these principles are drilled into hunters constantly by the hunting media, the training most states require we get as children, and our fellow-hunters who are constantly alert when it comes to hunters who do not practice safety protocols.

    Ted Nugent sells out his reputation as a credible advocate for hunting given his sycophantic worship of Sarah Palin.