Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Crazyass Quote of the Day

– guest-blogged by W. Kevin Vicklund

Before there was Pat, there was Larry. Long-time followers of Dispatches might remember Larry Fafarman, one of the few people to get banned by Ed due to his sheer insanity. He was characterized by a tenacious posting style, thread disrailment to promote one of about five topics, and a small assortment of catch-phrases so idiosyncratic that it was immediately obvious who he was even when he was sock-puppeting. (He recently came to the realization that he was just repeating the same thing over and over. Only took him four years to figure out what we all knew in 2006). Last week, he said something that would make Ted Kaczynski blanch.

In response to a shooting at a Florida local school board meeting, Larry said:

My first thought was that the gunman was upset about the Florida state science standards’ statement that “evolution is the fundamental concept underlying all of biology.” Darn — no such luck.

Lest anyone think he didn’t mean what he implied, he then proceeded to double down on the crazy. From an exchange with an anonymous commenter:

A: This is a new low. You’ve gone from kook to scumbag.

Enjoy your hate.

LF: The statement, “evolution is the fundamental concept underlying all of biology” is a “new low,” bozo.

A: And you compare this to attempted murder? And you call me bozo? You’re either an insane or cruel little boy. Possibly both.

LF: There is nothing wrong with the comparison — one is a very low action and the other is a very low statement.

Keep in mind that Larry sees no problem with claiming that the Nazis couldn’t have IDed Jews.