Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Yesterday I posted on how Ted Nugent sells out his diminishing credibility as a hunting advocate to suck-up to Sarah Palin.

The second delusional position by Ted Nugent that also reeks of hypocrisy is his position on anthropogenic global warming. Mr. Nugent has become one of the few credible conservationalists who can reach conservatives on a national scale. Given that science informs us that the greatest threat to flora and fauna sustainability is global warming (with the possible exception of overfishing), it’s expected he’d have a considered perspective on global warming – especially since he’s primarily a hunter and not a frequent fisherman. At a high school assembly a student asks him his position on AGW, probably because of one of Nugent’s lengthy sermons on how hunting protects the environment. Mr. Nugent responds:

Global warming is a fraud. Watch Glenn Beck. […] We agree the earth warms and cools. We admit that warming and cooling is a naturally occurring cycle that has to do with the sun and that there is nothing we can do about it.

If Ted authentically cared about the environment, wouldn’t he at least spend a little bit of time considering what climate scientists have to say about global warming rather than his perception of a non-scientist loon who just happens to be on TV might* argue? I think Ted’s fallen into the trap of chasing celebrity and believing if it sounds good coming out your mouth and some people lap it up that must mean what you say is true.

Hunting and most hunters don’t get the respect they deserve. In states where hunting is popular, hunting advocates have been a key asset in bringing social conservatives to the table in league with environmentalists on protecting our natural resources. Hunting license fees in Michigan is a large source of revenue that both protects flora and fauna and helps state governments manage sustainable renewable populations of both so these two groups’ common purpose is not an illusion.

Given that Dick Cheney, Ted Nugent, and now Sarah Palin are its most famous participants from the perspective of the general population, it’s not surprising to see why hunting’s image has taken a beating. Ted Nugent has the intelligence, charisma, eloquence, and given his reputation and knowledge of how critical ecological sustainability is to humanity, the opportunity to become a notable 21st century hero to all of humanity. That opportunity presents itself to Mr. Nugent given the near-universal denialism of conservatives, many of whom would consider his arguments. Instead he’s become another C-list celebrity groveling at the feet of whoever’s currently hot, even when that person, Sarah Palin, tarnishes the very sport he’s worked so hard to promote and represents the type of politician who poses the greatest threat to what “Uncle Ted” claims to love so much he views it as sacred.

*There are statements where Beck does not present himself as a denialist, however that doesn’t mean he hasn’t promoted denialism as Nugent claims.