Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Gallup published its biennial creationist poll last Friday. The biggest change is a 9% drop in Americans who believe, “God created humans in [their] present form“. That rate dropped from 44% to 40%. That’s the lowest result since Gallup began publishing a trend on this poll. In 1982, the first year reported, the result was 44% like it was 2008 where those were also the two best results since the poll started until this year’s results.

[H]umans evolved, but God had no part in [the] process“, has realized a 78% increase since 1982 with steady increases since 2000. It’s important to note however the starting and current figures are 9% and 16% respectively.

I found the 8% value particularly interesting; is this an example of conservatives’ inability to do nuance? Creationism by party affliliation.jpg

I feel like a D- student who just got a D+.