Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Edward Tarte

I haven’t seen this guy yet discussed on Scienceblogs (I could be wrong). But his atheist/skeptic arguments seem interesting to me. He’s a former Roman Catholic Priest and a cancer survivor.

As an aside, I have no desire to debunk religion like he and the new atheists do. I do get the sense the problem with religion is fundamentalism. When I hear them attack religion, they sound convincing because, I agree, certain thousand year old texts are just absurd if taken literally. If there is any truth to revealed religion, as I currently see it, it’s precisely because the tales didn’t happen the way fundamentalists believe they did. Snakes don’t talk and Lot’s wife didn’t turn to salt. Further Jesus didn’t mean gouge your eye out if it causes you to sin. I once debated a conservative evangelical Reverend who refused to concede even that point. No, he argued, sin so serious we really do have to be ready to dig a knife into our eyes.

But anyway here is an amusing tale by Mr. Tarte where he discusses going to local churches and leafleting the cars in the pews with “why doesn’t God heal amputees?” argument and links to the website. And getting harassed by the police for it:

And here ET explains why Jesus was not a good moral teacher. But, as I see it, he is tackling the fundamentalists’ Jesus and rightly shoots down their understanding of Him: