Dispatches from the Creation Wars

ScienceDaily.com reports:

Billfish and tuna, important commercial and recreational fish species, may be more vulnerable to fishing pressure because of shrinking habitat, according to a new study published by scientists from NOAA, The Billfish Foundation, and University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science.

Prince et. al:

. . . confirmed that billfish prefer oxygen rich waters closer to the surface and will actively avoid waters low in oxygen. […] . . . these zones are expanding and occurring closer to the sea surface, and are expected to continue to grow as sea temperatures rise. Less available habitat can lead to more fish being caught since the fish are concentrated near the surface. Higher catch rates from these areas may give the false appearance of more abundant fish stocks.

I’m a longtime ScienceDaily.com addict. I used to go to their homepage and just flip through the top stories. I’ve always been amazed at how much knowledge science accumulates where their site provides a great method of tapping into what’s being discovered. However several months ago I finally took the time to set-up Google Reader so I could customize my own news aggregator, and that’s where I discovered how much I was missing by mere skimming of their homepage rather than sending RSS feeds to my news aggregator. I hope science teachers in our public schools leverage ScienceDaily.com and personal aggregators to better provide their students with contemporaneous news of the subjects they teach.

Eric D. Prince, Jiangang Luo, C. Phillip Goodyear, John P. Hoolihan, Derke Snodgrass, Eric S. Orbesen, Joseph E. Serafy, Mauricio Ortiz and Michael J. Schirripa. Ocean scale hypoxia-based habitat compression of Atlantic istiophorid billfishes. Fisheries Oceanography, Volume 19, Issue 6