Dispatches from the Creation Wars

– guest blogg by W. Kevin Vicklund

In my ‘Merry Vegas’ post, I asked for suggestions on a topic to fisk. I was hoping for something like a request to debunk Behe’s new paper, perhaps, or maybe tackle something one of our persistent trolls has been rambling on and on about. Instead, what I got was a couple requests on short phrases that annoy pedants. Being somewhat of a pedant myself, I can sympathize, but I really can’t bring myself to riff on a single phrase for more than a few sentences. So I guess I’ll tee off on the two suggestions I was given, and follow up with own of my own pet peeves. I was hoping to give a fisking; guess you’ll have to settle for a rant.

“One (or two) of the only” – the use of ‘the only’ here is incorrect, it is singular as used. The correct phrasing is either “one (or two) of only a few” or “one or two of the few”

“Just sayin'” – no you weren’t. You were deliberately implying something that you knew or suspected was untrue. That, or you don’t have the gonadal fortitude to own up to making an error. Piss off, wanker.

“All x are not created equal” – actually could be a good phrase, but is much stronger than what people using it usually mean. It means nothing is the same, when people usually use it to mean some things aren’t the same. The correct phrase is “Not all x are created equal.”

And if you feel like you just got a lump of coal, and you’re not one of the only people to respond, tough luck. All posts are not created equal. Just sayin’…