Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Debunking Beck University

One of the historical revisionism highlights of 2010 was the launch of Glenn Beck’s online university, Beck U. Teaching the history courses in the first semester at this esteemed institution of higher learning was, of course, none other than Beck’s new BFF “Professor” David Barton. Barton’s first class, “Faith 101,” led to me being a guest on Countdown, when Keith Olbermann did a segment on Beck U called “Debunk U.” But, as I expected, the majority of Barton’s biggest lies were yet to come, with most of them packed into his next class, “Faith 102.” Barton managed to get over a dozen separate lies into that single half-hour class.

The entire goal of Barton’s “Faith 102” class was to prove that even the two least religious founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, had no intention of separating church and state. Since I’d already debunked many of these lies before, and I was very busy over the summer at my “day job” with the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, I decided to throw together a few videos debunking them using clips my previous videos. I only had time to get to seven of Barton’s “Faith 102” lies, but plan to get to the rest in the new year.

Barton’s lie that more than half the signers of the Declaration of Independence were ministers (he also used this one in his first Beck U class):

Barton’s lie that Benjamin Franklin chose to begin a treaty in the name of the trinity:

Barton’s lie that Thomas Jefferson started church services at the Capitol (should be watched along with the next video about the Marine Band):

Barton’s lie that Thomas Jefferson told the Marine Band to play at church services:

Barton’s lie that Thomas Jefferson sent Christian missionaries to evangelize the Indians:

Barton’s lie about why the Danbury Baptists wrote to Thomas Jefferson, and what his reply meant:

During this Beck U class, Barton once again told his lie about Thomas Jefferson dating his documents “in the year of our Lord Christ,” a lie that he told on Beck’s show that I debunked in my “No, Mr. Beck…” video series, so here’s that video again: