Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Vegas, Day Five

I’m only now getting to writing up a report on the last day in Vegas, for reasons that will become obvious. Friday was the last day and Terry and Tiffany were changing over to the Aria from Paris for the last two days of their vacation. Mickey and I dropped them off at Aria and got a chance to see what the place is really like (I’d really only seen the poker room).

Let’s just say $8 billion buys a lot. The guest rooms are incredible. When you walk in to the room the first time, the curtains open and the TV pops on and says, “Welcome to the Aria, (insert your name).” The clock in the room also controls virtually everything else in the room. And that was the cheapest room they have. Imagine what’s in the suites.

I really liked the Aria poker room, for reasons I explained the other day, and I spent the last 3 days playing poker there. Had a losing session on Friday when, literally 5 minutes before I was leaving to catch a cab to the airport, I flopped middle set (fours) and was up against top set (queens). Then after we got all the money in, to pour salt in the wound, he rivered quads. Not much you can do about losing a hand like that.

So I catch a cab back to Paris to pick up my laundry, then take the same cab to the airport to catch my plane. But as I was getting out my ticket for my checked baggage at the hotel I realized that my credit card was missing. Uh oh. But really too late at that point to do anything about, as it was 8 pm on Christmas Eve and I had a plane to catch.

So I get to the airport and get on the internet to check and see if my card had been used for anything and, thank goodness, it hadn’t. Had a little time to kill before the plane took off so I threw $20 in a $1 slot machine and hit twice for $160 each time. Cashed out for $250. So, the vacation ended on both good news and bad news.

So, total tally for the gambling:

Poker: Up about $200.
Blackjack: Up about $235.
Slots: Up $250 (net, after factoring in what I put in to them)

Anytime you can come home from Vegas with somewhere close to the money you came with, especially if you enjoyed a great many expensive meals, you’ve had a successful trip. And this was the first time I’d ever played blackjack or slots in Vegas. Always played only poker before, but the others prefer blackjack and I played with them a few times. And the slots I only did here and there as a timekiller when I was waiting for the plane or waiting for my friends to come down to go to dinner. All in all, a good trip financially.

Plane ride home was uneventful, got home at 5 am. Checked into a hotel and got a few hours sleep, then headed to Lansing where I was invited to Christmas dinner with my friend Julie and her family. Predictably, she and I exchanged remarkably similar presents. You know you’ve got foodie friends when you give each other obscure types of mustard, sea salt and the like.

Now I’m in Kalamazoo in a hotel yet again. Going to visit with my best friend and his family on Sunday, then spend the day with my family on Monday (we rarely celebrate Christmas on Christmas day because everyone has other obligations). So, vacation almost over and Ed not quite home yet. I think I need a vacation to recover from my vacation now.