Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Dumbass Quote of the Day

From Barry Farber, writing — inevitably — at the Worldnetdaily:

All through history, heterosexual male soldiers have chased skirts and bedded them down, willingly or otherwise. In the military today, sexual activity between men and women is off the charts. Try to get the honest pregnancy figures from any branch of the military. In the military, sexuality tends to assert itself. Yet you will be jeered off the stage if you hold up the possibility of homosexual misbehavior in the military. Political correctness, you see, teaches us that straight people are the ones who get naked and crawl all over each other. Homosexuals, you see, will be circumspect. What if gays in the military are no better at curbing their urges than straights? Don’t ask the Pentagon; ask real troops.

So if such behavior is not a reason to keep straight men out of the military, why is it a reason to keep gay men out of the military?