Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Tea Party to Challenge Brown in Primary

As I predicted the first week he was in the Senate, the very same tea baggers who celebrated Scott Brown’s election as evidence of their power and the tip of the spear about to strike Congress are now declaring him a weak-kneed liberal and want him out of office.

It was probably inevitable that we’d reach this point, but Tea Party activists and social conservative activists are now talking openly about backing a Republican primary challenger against Scott Brown in 2012.

“I think that there will be a primary challenge,” Christen Varley, president of the Greater Boston Tea Party, told the Boston Globe last Friday. “There’s enough of an underground movement in the Tea Party movement as seeing him as not being conservative enough. There probably will be multiple people who attempt to run against him.”

And if they succeed, they’ll hand his seat back to the Democrats. Just like they did in Delaware.