Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Justin Griffith, the U.S. Army soldier who initially blew the whistle on the military’s “Spiritual Fitness Program” has a follow up article on the issue that contains some new information, including many screen shots of the test that spouses take. Those screenshots show beyond a doubt that all this talk about separating “spirituality” from religion is absurd. What the test intends to and does measure is whether a soldier is religious, calling those who are religious “spiritually fit” and those who are not unfit.

Statements for which one must rank their application to themselves include:

I often find comfort in my religion or spiritual beliefs.

In difficult times, I pray or meditate.

During the last 4 weeks…I attended religious services.

And if you answer that such things do not apply to you, you fail the spiritual fitness portion of the test — even if you received high scores for emotional, social and family support questions.

Al Stefanelli also has a third article in the Examiner on the subject. FOIA requests have been filed for more information. Lawsuits are in the works. This is going to get very interesting.